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The true and spectacular North, especially the Northwest Territories have always been hard to reach and Adventure is a word that springs to mind immediately when contemplating this vast and empty territory.

Modern Travel has advanced to daily, scheduled, commercial airliners, and while the service is spectacular you still can't expect the same connections as in the busy, populated areas to the south. Only about 45,000 people live in the entire Northwest Territories, one third of them in Yellowknife, the capital. Travel to South Nahanni is a transition phase, in which you will leave your busy schedules behind.

This all said, there are daily flights with two commercial airlines to Fort Simpson, NWT, the start off point to your South Nahanni hunt.

travel information

Most of our clients fly to Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta. From there several northern Airlines fly on to Yellowknife, NWT. (See sidebar at left for links). Due to the departure times of the flights you will have to overnight in either Edmonton or Yellowknife. The next morning you are able to connect on to Fort Simpson.

Three times a week First Air can also bring you to Fort Simpson via Whitehorse, Yukon. Whitehorse can be reached up to five times daily via Vancouver or twice a week directly from Frankfurt, Germany.

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In September we strive to make services easier, faster and less weather dependable. Whenever possible we will offer direct bush charter services as of Yellowknife at additional charter prices with a larger bush plane.

Travel Reservations and Booking Services via Tania from our local travel agency:

Visit or tania [at] yukontravel [dot] net (click to email)

  • Your entire ticket from home or
  • Tickets with all Northern Airlines as of Edmonton/Calgary/Whitehorse
  • Hotel reservations in Fort Simpson, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Whitehorse
  • Assistance with vacation plans that go beyond the South Nahanni hunt


You can reach Fort Simpson by road via Edmonton with two routes available. The distance is about 1500 km, or almost 1000 miles; some of it on gravel roads. The driving distance from Whitehorse is approximately 1600 km or 1000 miles with the last stretch entirely on gravel.

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Charter into Camp:
Once you have reached Fort Simpson (or in September Yellowknife) an expediter or the hotel staff will meet you at the Terminal and take you to your accommodations as you will have to spend another night here in preparations to the hunt. This seems absurd to some people but serves several purposes: It gives you a breather from work stress, travelling and jet lag; lost luggage and guns can catch up to you and most importantly, it puts you into the best starting position for your hunt.

The next morning, immediately following breakfast, you will leave on your bush air charter to base camp. The pilots at the local charter companies will store your extra luggage (all hard gun and bow cases, etc.) at their secure hanger. A flight of about 1 hour 20 minutes takes you from Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River to the Root River base camp north central in South Nahanni's concession. Google Maps

In camp you will meet your outfitters, Werner and Sunny, the guides, helicopter pilot and camp staff. There will be a chance to sort through your gear, making sure you are equipped perfectly, shoot your gun or bow, and have a meal.

travel information

As soon as you are set the helicopter rotors start turning, taking you, your guide and gear to a perfect hunting location in prime game country. Here you will establish spike camp, take a look around and spend the night during your 12-hour waiting period that applies after every air move.
Day 1 of your hunt will see you hunting the South Nahanni mountains.

Early leave from camp:
Some hunters opt to leave South Nahanni sooner, once they have taken the trophies they came for. We will arrange for a bush charter out and help you to re-arrange your travel reservations via satellite phone. Please note that you will have to pay for this additional flight. Up to three clients can share this plane and its price.

We will be happy to help you in your travel reservations every step of the way, so that you have no problem reaching us in the true and spectacular North country of the Northwest Territories! An Adventure getting there...