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Weather & Flying

If you have never travelled into the bush with small air charter you might be surprised to hear that all flying stops in bad weather. It is almost unheard of in our modern times, but in the bush there are hours and days when you just can't move through the air.

Small bush planes, and also the helicopter, fly via pilot's eye sight and not instruments. If it is raining heavily, if there is fog, snow, hail or ice in the air everyone is grounded. If you can't see the mountain tops you won't be able to fly through, over or around them.

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Also keep in mind the distances travelled: Sun in base camp doesn't mean flyable weather in Fort Simpson, 175 air miles farther east. Mountain weather especially is very local.

Be prepared for such a weather eventuality, mentally and ticket wise. All tickets have to be changeable in case of late (or early) leave from camp.

weather - flying

Take a good book and enjoy life on camp time. Larger bush charter machines are sometimes equipped with more instruments and can fly in worse weather conditions than smaller aircraft. Still, sometimes they can't fly either. In September/October when weather conditions are more unpredictable and we have larger groups of hunters, we offer direct charter services between Yellowknife and base camp at additional charter costs.

weather - flying

Your bush charter into the remoteness of South Nahanni in the heart of the unexplored ranges of the Mackenzie Mountains is part of this extra-ordinary hunting adventure - a throwback into the days of old, but also a transition from our modern lives to our hunting wilderness roots. Enjoy your flight!