It is as important to us as it is to you that your hard won trophies receive the best possible care - in the field, while in base camp and during shipping.

Trophy care starts in the field, when your professional guide skins the animal according to your wishes -cape, full mount, etc. - and goes on to a timely pick up with our helicopter. We always try to get all trophies and meat into base camp as soon as possible, whether you stay out hunting or not.

Base camp is well set up and has a walk in cooler to hang your meat as well as a number of freezers. We will clean, cut, wrap and freeze your meat if you wish to take it home with you. The rest will go on the barbeque... or will be donated to the local communities of Wrigley and Fort Simpson.

Normal trophy preparation, like scraping, salting and drying of hides, continues in base camp. Every piece will be tagged properly and Werner himself monitors the skinning shed daily.

All skulls will be boiled and bleached in a European fashion, allowing you to go home with snow-white trophies. This service is usually rendered and charged for by your taxidermist, but we feel that this treatment of your hard won trophies should be administered at once. You will then be able to take your sheep and goat horns, and capes, home with you immediately (Canada and USA). All necessary paperwork will be done with our help at the wildlife office in Fort Simpson the day you leave for home.

We offer a crating and shipping service to all our clients. All trophies will be flown out from camp to Fort Simpson by the end of the season and can then be dropped off at the local taxidermist in the Yukon, or crated and shipped to your home address or your taxidermist.

This crating and shipping service is especially important for all our overseas clients as well as all hunters with moose/caribou antlers as the majority of airlines do not fly non-crated trophies any more. Export/import paperwork also takes a lot of time and knowledge.

You are always welcome to deal with your trophies as of Fort Simpson yourself, but you are also warmly invited to make use of our hassle free services. It is our goal to provide you with the best possible trophy care from the top of the mountain to the wall in your home. Because we care.