About us

South Nahanni Outfitters is a family operation, owned and operated by Werner Aschbacher and Sunny Petersen. The other members of the family are daughters Anika and Lynette, and son Lukas. Outfitting is our way of life permeating everything we do and think about.

Your Outfitters

We spend our entire summers in South Nahanni looking after the actual hunting operations. Werner flies our bush plane and one of the helicopters, and both of us are always present to enjoy our guests and deal with all organizational and communicational feats.

By now we have spent almost 30 years in the outfitting world, 20 of these in South Nahanni alone, gathering experience and momentum from the beginnings of camp helper and cook to outfitters. While most of our hunting and guiding time has been spent in the Canadian North (Yukon, NWT), we also look back upon

years of working in Europe, Australia and South America.

Originally, we are both from Europe – Werner, a forest engineer by trade, is from Austria and Sunny, an agricultural engineer, from Germany. Through our travels and work

experiences we are intimately familiar with and cater to everyone’s mentalities, hunting traditions and languages (English, German and Spanish). We warmly welcome hunters from all over the world to join us for an amazing hunting trip in South Nahanni!


We are very fortunate to work with an excellent crew of knowledgeable, responsible, likeable guides who are crazy about hunting and who won’t be happy until they have scoured every last mountain in South Nahanni for trophy game. They know what it takes, and in what form, to guide hunters from all walks of life in our northern Canadian wilderness. They will tackle any challenges together with you, always mindful of you, and your wishes and abilities.

Outfitting to all of us is a way of life, one that we cherish because we love to hunt, love the wilderness, the game and flying bush planes and helicopters. We enjoy the challenges of being independent. We hope to continue this

way of life for a long time to come and we hope to be able to share some of it with you, not only leading you to great trophies but also to an exceptional wilderness hunting experience in an area and in a business that means

everything to us.

We strive to have only happy hunters; hunters that enjoy calling us friends long after their hunt has taken place. It will be a pleasure to meet you and to hunt with you.

The South Nahanni Helicopter Pilot

Another key player in the South Nahanni Outfitting operation is our helicopter pilot. He is a professional, commercially licensed, experienced pilot, who will fly you responsibly and comfortably, making your hunt fun and safe. Our pilot spends his time in base camp throughout the hunting season, keeping daily tabs on his helicopter and fuel, and works with the engineer for the regular maintenance and checkups.


South Nahanni Outfitters operates within the safe boundaries of our own hunting concession in NWT; on 9 000 square miles, or 2 million hectares. The hunting area is so vast it swallows Yellowstone National Park twice and more, larger than a small European country like Slovenia. Flying over this area in a bush plane will take you one and a half hours from east to west or one hour from north to south. Endless northern Canadian topography undulates under the wings of the plane or the blades of the helicopter, forming a mosaic of perfect habitats that allow for excellent big game hunts in an untouched land.

South Nahanni is incredibly remote
There are no roads, no people, no towns in this part of Northern Canada. There is no trace of humans, just space, hundreds of thousands of acres of space. Space to hunt in; following game trails, which have scribbled their lines over the mountain sides for thousands of years.

We are alone in that space – in the hunting concession of South Nahanni. No other outfitters, guides or clients are allowed to hunt within our area. Resident hunters can hunt here, but the difficult and expensive access keeps this a remote wilderness.

Base camp – also called Wernerville – provides a lot more than the bare necessities of spike camp and will be full of unexpected luxury after your successful hunt – especially the shower and the beer cooler…

Our little village of guides, pilot, outfitters and family will welcome you warmly with clean, solid and above all heated cabins. You will sleep on a real, full-length mattress! Our camp shower house is a bathroom with the amenities of town life, and a little attached sauna is bliss for some, while the washing machine is utilized by almost all.

The kitchen staff will be waiting to serve you delicious home cooked meals with fresh vegetables and home baked breads and cakes. After-dinner get-togethers take place by the fire pit, or later on in the cozy kitchen. Little snacks and drinks of your choice, including sodas (pop), beer, wine and hard liquors are part of the enjoyments.

During your time in base camp you are welcome to use the ATVs for little excursions or day trips. A nearby fossil canyon lures a lot of hunters for a peek. The fishing is on the poor side but you can hire the helicopter for a fishing trip, a soak in a nearby hot spring or to view the spectacle of Canada’s highest waterfall – Virginia, in South Nahanni National Park.

We warmly welcome non-hunting companions – in base camp or out in the field. You will find basic but cozy accommodations, great food and the best of company! Come and enjoy it!