Dall Sheep

The Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories are world renowned for their Dall sheep hunting and the South Nahanni concession with extremely high success rates and solid trophy hunts is no exception. Record book trophy rams inhabit these mountains and trophies up to 46 inches have been taken. With us, you can experience a first class Dall sheep hunt.

Interested in a wilderness hunt for Dall sheep?
Come and hunt in South Nahanni.

The Spot

The Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories are world renowned for their Dallsheep hunting. Each outfitter operates within the safe boundaries of their own concession. There are no roads, no people, no towns, no trace of humans, just space to follow game trails, which have scribbled their lines over the mountains for thousands of years.

South Nahanni’s 9,000 square miles are so vast it swallows Yellowstone National Park twice and more; larger than a small European country like Slovenia. Our own helicopter makes non-hunting time fast and efficient,

shuttling you throughout the huge concession. This selective access leaves recently hunted game populations to renew themselves, resulting in successful hunts with an opportunity rate of 100%. Well organized logistics and hardworking guides with an understanding of the land and game are paramount to our success.

All our hunts are spot and stalk, and certainly FAIR CHASE. Hunting from the helicopter, with the helicopter or just disembarked from the helicopter is not possible in South Nahanni. Hunting is allowed to commence 12 hours after landing. You will camp in small

backpacker tents and hunt from there with day gear only (e.g. rain gear, water bottle). If your camp has to be moved your guide will contact base camp on his satellite messenger for a helicopter shuttle. Camping spots are determined by water sources, landing possibilities for the helicopter and the availability of game.

Be prepared to hike up and down mountains, glass, stalk, and scramble over rocks. Moderate to steep terrain should be expected on all mountain sheep hunts. This is a highly physical hunt.

What’s Included?

  • All helicopter flights necessary to obtain a representable trophy

  • All bush plane flights within the hunting concession

  • Full expediting service in Whitehorse

  • Your personal guide

  • All camping gear excluding sleeping bag and mattress

  • All field preparation of your trophies, salting and drying of capes

  • Full service in main camp (accommodation, food, beverages, alcoholic drinks)

  • Unlimited satellite phone and internet usage in main camp

  • Flying of trophies to Fort Simpson, NWT, handling of export permits at the end of season (mid-October)

All sheep hunters can obtain additional tags for add on species depending on the season – mountain goat (as of July) – one of only two places in North America where you can hunt for mountain goat and Dallsheep with helicopter shuttles-, mountain caribou (as of August), Alaska/Yukon moose (September), wolf, wolverine (as of July) and black bear (as of mid-August). Trophy fees and helicopter flying charges apply.