All our hunters on sheep and moose hunts will be provided with additional tags for add on species. These tags are included in your hunt on request and give you the chance to harvest additional species on your single species hunt.

Add-on species available:

July 15-22

July 24-31

August Hunts

As of Aug 15

September Hunts

All Moose Hunts (Sept/Oct)

  • Grizzlies frequent our area but have been closed to hunting for non-residents for the past 30 years.


There is a chance of finding your mountain goat in the same country as your ram. For the most part though, we prefer flying you into our prime goat area on the western edge of our concession. Here the glacier studded mountains soar up to 9000 feet (2.700 m) and offer ideal habitat with denser goat populations.


While the average horn length hovers between 8 and 9 inches, trophies can be expected to go up to and sometimes a little over 10 inches. Every year we take billies that go near record book entry and that are more than 12, 13 years old.

In South Nahanni you will be very close to the most northern distribution of mountain goats and adding a mountain goat on to your Dall sheep hunt is a rare and attractive opportunity in Canada. Don't expect the goat population to be as dense as in most of British Columbia, but expect to go home with a respectable trophy.


Throughout their yearly migration circuit Mountain Caribou seem to travel almost every hillside in South Nahanni. There is a very high resident population to choose from making it fun to hunt for a large trophy. We are used to seeing record book trophies hitting camp all throughout August, September and October. Taking a large caribou bull during your hunt is therefore very possible and South Nahanni is a great place to look for a big one!

During the first half of August you will most likely find your caribou bull right close to your ram. Following the decline of this month the caribou start to move and migrate, pushing them past base camp throughout September and October. Due to their constant wanderings caribou can appear out of nowhere at any time. They can also vanish. In the later case the helicopter will again come to your rescue and move you, your guide and your spike camp into better hunting grounds. Once in a good caribou area a bit of patience pays off - let the decent ones move on and hold off for a real trophy. He will wander right past you.

Caribou antlers will be fully grown and hard in August, but still in velvet. The velvet can either be stripped off and the antlers stained, or your trophy may be mounted with the velvet on. The velvet is rubbed off right at the turn of the month.


The predators -wolf, wolverine and black bear- might be harvested by a lucky hunter. Out of the above you are most likely to go home with a wolf. They are abundant and frequent every corner of South Nahanni. At least one third of all our hunters have the chance to shoot at a wolf. A lot of them miss, because shooting distances can be quite far and the wolves are usually moving, but 10% are successful in harvesting this rare trophy.

If you see a wolverine, you will most likely encounter it above tree line hunting for marmots, or sitting on a kill. Taking one is a very rare and lucky occasion and there are usually no second chances in life.


Grizzlies frequent our area but have been closed to hunting for non-residents for the past 30 years. We have a lot of grizzlies all throughout our concession and there is a good chance that you will see one in the distance while hunting. Because of the high grizzly numbers and the open country the black bear population is small in South Nahanni. We occasionally see black bears and a few hunters every year would have the chance to harvest one. If you are interested in a tag then it will be provided with your hunt, but please understand that in South Nahanni we have no way of hunting specifically for this species and that great black bear hunting is to be found all over British Columbia.